Hello! My name is Camille and I am the owner of Fashion Plate Boutique! As a military spouse and mother to 3 growing children, life is always busy! I have always had a love for cute clothes and love getting a good deal. My goal is to provide you with quality boutique items at an affordable price! When you look good…you feel good!

Happy Shopping and thank you for stopping by Fashion Plate Boutique!

Trish H says……

“Have you ever had a friend who has amazing chic style? Looks great working out, super cute shopping, put together when dashing for coffee or lunch, and always dressed with class and style on a dinner date with friends? You think to yourself, Please come help me with my wardrobe and help style me. Well, here she is! As a busy mom of three and a military spouse for over 20 years who has traveled and moved around the world, she knows how important time is to all of us. She takes pride in looking her best keeping in mind style, ease and comfort. Camille is excited to offer a little piece of her life to make yours a bit easier. Camille’s boutique will highlight beautiful, on-trend, classic pieces that are affordable and effortless. Camille’s style will be a wonderful addition to your closet and will be sure to become your go to piece for any part of your day. She is the friend that you have been waiting for!”

Trish Hammond